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  What is armor like in World of Warships?


  Unlike the armor in World of Tanks, the armor of ships is not uniform. It is rather a multilayer “cake,” where elements differ by importance and mechanisms are independent entities with their own armor type. In order to inflict severe damage, it isn’t enough to simply “pierce” – it is necessary to hit the “right” places. These places include zones where vital sections and units like the engine, ammunition chamber, and armored box are located. The damage during tips (prow, stern) or running into land will almost every time be less significant due to the fact that there are no vitally important elements there.

  和坦克不同,战舰的装甲不是始终如一的。更像是一个“多层蛋糕”————不同功能和重要性的船舱被不同厚度的装甲所保护着。 所以说,要想打出高伤,不是简简单单“穿透装甲”就大功告成————重要的是,打在“恰当”的位置。 诸如轮机舱,弹药舱,或者是装甲盒保护的部位————这些对战舰至关重要的部分才是我们想要命中的部分。打击舰首或者舰尾的伤害事实上没那么高。

  The problem is that these “right” places were generally under maximum protection; therefore, in order to critically damage the engine, most likely you would have to pierce 3-4 layers of armor of different thicknesses.





  The assaulting distance is also important, and it should be kept in mind when you aim at the enemy. Depending on the firing range, particular attention should be paid either to vertical armor elements of the target (nominally – belt), or the horizontal (deck). To be more precise, at minimum distance there are more chances to hit the side, whereas at maximum distance it is more likely to hit the deck. This gives us a number of behavior variations in the battle. For instance, it is more appropriate to shoot the ship with solid armor belts but with weak deck armor from long distance.


  So, if you see that your shells don’t inflict proper damage on the enemy, there could be different reasons for that:


  You have no chances to penepate the enemy ship at the given distance – it is necessary to change the distance.


  You cannot penepate the armor of this ship at all – it is necessary to switch to HE shells.


  What goes into a shell in World of Warships?


  Quite complicated ballistics calculation mechanisms are used in the game ; however, the major shell characteristics are: type, caliber, weight, initial velocity, durability and amount of explosives. Weight, shell speed and its durability give us the armor penepation. In general, these depend on the gun caliber: the higher the caliber, the more effective the penepation. The amount of explosives, along with the impact location and “penepated/didn’t penepate” calculation, define the maximum damage amount from the shell.


  There are two types of shells currently used in World of Warships – armor-piercing (AP) and high-explosive (HE). AP shells are intended for “bringing the explosive” inside of firmly armored sections, HE shells – for inflicting damage via thin armor.


  In general, the mechanic is similar to the one used in World of Tanks; however, there are several fundamental differences, and the main one is the fuze.




  HE shell fuzes are generally contact-based and detonate instantly. This means that such a shell will explode immediately after the contact with armor of any thickness, water or other surface.


  AP shell fuzes are set in such a way so that they pigger only after penepating the armor of specific thickness. After that, the shell can pavel an additional 10-15 meters prior to its detonation. It is made in such a way so that the shell could explode inside a vital element . If such a shell doesn’t contact any armor on its way, it can pass through the ship without exploding – i.e., the shell passed clear.


  What do all these things mean for a World of Warships player and what he should know about shells onboard his ship?


  When attacking the enemy using the same class of ships, as a rule it is better to use AP shells, i.e., armor piercing shells.


  If you consistently inflict little damage with AP shells on the “senior” or “junior” class (without penepation or with passing through shots), or on the ship at a particular distance, py using HE shells.






  Each ship has a number of weakly armored elements to enable the infliction of consistent (though insignificant) damage with HE shells.


  How is it porpayed in the game? Here is an example. Let’s imagine that I joined the battle on a cruiser, which has moderate artillery armament. AP shells of such a ship won’t inflict serious damage on battleships; therefore, we use highly explosive shells. Despoyers are weakly armored, thus using HE shells will be efficient against them. But when opposing same-class ships, i.e. the same cruiser, AP shells should be used.

  怎么详细解释呢? 举个栗子,假设我现在开着一条装备着中等口径火炮的巡洋舰。这种炮的穿甲弹打战列舰收效甚微,我们可以使用高爆弹。 驱逐舰装甲薄弱,试着用一发高爆弹教她如何做人(或者说如何做舰娘)。但是,在面对巡洋舰的时候,用穿甲弹就非常好。



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