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  Greetings, dear testers/forum posters/readers and other nice people! I am excited to share some impressions about the first official alpha test tournament. If I had to summarize the experience in a single word, it would have to be “unforgetp!”


  The alpha testers were very active, revealing impressive fighting capabilities and skills developed during testing. But not all the teams were native; the event also featured participants from Europe. We can call this tournament not only the first, but also puly international. In total, there were 18 teams that fought their way up the ranks all day long on April 12.



  Iron Storage

        - CHEGEWARO – Aircraft carrier(航)

  - Zheleznodorozhnic - Battleship(战)

  - MadDoger - Battleship

  - EL_Trapone - Battleship

  - Rasberg - Battleship

  - getfun - Cruiser(巡洋)

  Merry company

  - BLACK_SAILS - Aircraft carrier

  - Fleget - Battleship

  - Marschig - Battleship

  - loriner - Battleship

  - ShadowHellboy- Battleship

  - Tarki_Tau - Despoyer(驱逐)

  I witnessed the battle from the view of the first team, so my commentary may be a bit lopsided.


  As mentioned, setting up the teams was quick, and there was neither nervousness nor delay, as far as I saw. The mood was excited and positive. Folks were prepared for great fun, and that was the right mood to be in.




  The counpown ended and battle began. Almost instantly, my despoyer received several hits from my teammates, and one of them, Rasberg, finished it off by tearing the hull apart.


  From then on, I was a pue spectator ready to follow all the events on the sea. I never asked the team about the setup chosen; apparently they were inclined toward an encounter battle, possibly in a linear array followed by active defense from enemy airplanes by cruisers.


  Iron Storage began its movement and took a linear formation, covering their aircraft carriers while their cruiser advanced forward.




  The skies became crowded by recon aircraft and fighters. Somewhere in the clouds, they clashed with enemy attackers. After that, the surviving planes changed direction and advanced towards an expected confrontation with Merry company. Our team got incredibly unlucky and failed to discover enemies by means of their scouts. . On the opposite side, Merry company was quite effective and continuously kept our ships spotted, at least to me — unfortunately, I was still just a silent observer.


  “My” team continued, with their cruiser advancing forward to meet enemy planes and torpedo carriers. All AAA sites began to shoot relentlessly. Ultimately, we spotted the enemy aircraft carrier surprisingly advancing in front of her team. Planes were launched from the decks of our “Zuikaku” operated by CHEGEVARO, but it seemed the right moment was lost — the opponents grasped the advantage and we needed to make corrective moves urgently.


  Meanwhile, our team managed to repel incoming torpedo carriers and bombers under wise commandership of getun, our cruiser captain. It was only the cruiser herself that got her hull insignificantly damaged. Not a big deal considering the scale of the whole team.





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